Ubis 13S Standard Hot End

Ubis 13S Standard Hot End

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The basic standard hot end shipped on most all Printrbots. This is your general use, all around hot end choice. Perfect for PLA, ABS and other common filaments. Not intended for high temperature filaments above 270C. Compatible with many other printer brands and perfect for the DIY’er.. It is mechanically robust and offers the ability to change the nozzle to other sizes and special purpose uses. See our nozzle page for available choices.

  • Fully assembled and tested.

  • Heater core: 12 volts 30 watts. The efficient design of Ubis hot ends allow for a lower wattage heating element to preform where others require much higher wattage. Ships with Molex MicroFit 3.0 plug on heater wires installed on ~ 2 .1/4” (57mm) length leads.

  • Maximum operating temperature: 270C continuous. Will survive short over temperature excursions to ~300C. Printer firmware should be configured to shutdown at 275C for over temperature condition..

  • Nozzle size installed: 0.4mm

  • 1.75mm filament

  • This model comes standard with a 100K thermistor installed. (Use table code ‘1’' for 100k EPCOS in Marlin when compiling custom software.). Ships with Molex MicroFit 3.0 receptacle on thermistor wires installed on ~ 1 3/4” (45mm) length leads.

  • Dimensions: Mount 0.625” +/-0.005” (~15.87mm +/-0.125mm) Overall length 2.9” +/-0.040” (73.66mm +/-1mm)

Other requirements:

  • It is recommended that a fan cooling across heat sink fins be used. It may be possible if only printing with PLA to get by without a fan if the room temperature is cool enough. In any case we highly recommend the use of a fan when printing with ABS or Nylon type filaments for best results..

  • Download Ubis 13S Hot End Manual here

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