Ubis 13HF Hi-Flo Hot End

Ubis 13HF Hi-Flo Hot End

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An upgraded high flow hot end compatible with original power supplies shipped with most all Printrbots. Please note that some models of Printrbots may need some DIY creativity to re-mount the bed sensor to accommodate the extra length of this hot end. The standard heater core is rated at 12 volts 30 watts. Stay with this if you have the brick type power supply. If you have an upgraded power supply then selecting the 12 volt 45 watt version will give you even more performance. The efficient design of the Ubis hot ends allow for a lower wattage heating element to preform where other manufactures require much higher wattage. This model comes standard with a 100K thermistor installed. (Use table code ‘1’' for 100k EPCOS in Marlin when compiling custom software)

  • Fully assembled and tested.

  • Length: 3.28” +-0.025” Diameter: 0.625”

  • Options include choosing a 0.4mm or 0.75mm nozzle factory installed. Other sizes are optionally available

  • 1.75mm filament

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