About Us

Carl Ubis comes from a background of over 30 years in the high tech field.  He has worked for a large computer manufacturer that supplied systems in the demanding fields of reservation systems, banking, stock exchange, and aerospace industries.  Failure was simply not an option there.  As time passed, along came 3D printing for the average DIY’er and it became apparent to him that there needed to be a major shift in the way hot ends were designed for them.  Hot end design, functionality, reliability, and cost all needed to be addressed to bring things in line with his high expectations.  Meeting up with Brook Drumm of Printrbot provided the platform to obtain these goals.  Carl's design, manufacturing, and reliability experience, along with Brook's requirements and visions were all in alignment to achieve greatness in this emerging field.  Carl's focus was on hot ends that met their requirements of functioning as expected and were reliable.  Ubis Technology's mission is to give you the best 3D printing experience possible at a reasonable cost, using materials and processes that rival the best in the industry, for the ultimate in reliability is our goal.

As we go forward with business changes, UbisHotEnds.com will continue to supply your hot end needs.  We have several new exciting products that are under development and ones that are being beta tested today.  Only when they meet Carl's high standards will they become available in our store.